About Silas


My name is Silas. I am 6 years old. I love jujitsu, reading, soccer, basketball, programming, and chess. 

I have nine members in my family - 6 people including myself plus a dog with one-eyed named Captain Jack, a Bata fish named Redeye, and my Nanny Genna who forces me to take showers and brush my teeth. 

I am home schooled. Home schooling is really not the right word for it because I am really not at home that much. I work outside, when I go skiing, in the car, or on my way to birthday parties. This freedom gives me the time to do things I love like writing stories!

I wanted to tell you about a book I wrote. My book is called Um Land. It’s a book is for kids (well, really all people) to learn what to do when they get mad, frustrated, sad, or feel any other emotion that hurts inside. 

I know that people who meditate really call it “Ohm”, but I call it “Um”. My mom said that is fine because I am six, plus I really like Um better. 

I want to teach everyone how to go to Um Land because it is an awesome state of mind. Going to Um Land is really easy and you can do it anytime and anywhere. It is in your mind and heart.

To go to Um Land just crisscross applesauce (that means cross your legs), close your eyes, hands in the air, fingers together, and think funny thoughts. Some funny thoughts that I like are people running around in their underwear, being tickled, and people doing silly things. 

The first time I thought of Um Land was when I was in New York shopping with my mom. I started to get really mad, but instead of screaming, I decided to close my eyes and just relax. My little sister asked what I was doing and I told her I had gone to Um Land. That is how Um Land was born!

Once I discovered Um Land, I wrote every day about when I could go to Um Land. For example, “When you stick your hand in mound of fire ants, go to Um Land”. Or “When your brother pushes you off a trampoline and you need stitches, go to Um Land”. 

After a year I had hundreds of Um Lands written. I had so many I decided to put it in a book. I borrowed my dad’s old phone and sat outside for a few days and recorded my Um Land story. It included a monster, hot lava butts, and my favorite times to go to Um Land. Then my mom and dad took the story from the phone and helped my type it up. You can find the recordings on this website.

Next I need to get the drawings made for my book. I went on a website called Fiverr and gave seven designers one-page of my story. I got a lot of really cool illustrations back, but there was one that was my absolute favorite. I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants!

I hope you love my Um Land story as much as I do. I really hope that people don’t just read the story, but start to live the Um Land lifestyle. Anytime or anywhere, go to Um Land to make yourself feel better. 

Age 6

Book and Um Land Swag

Live the Um Land life.

Explore the original Um Land book and shop for Um Land swag including shirts, socks, stickers, and more. Discounts on multi-pack Um Land books are available, including the opportunity for free book readings and signings with Silas.

Events and Book Signings

Just Read Aloud Local Author Fair
Stop by for a chance to win free books and swag, meet me and other local authors in person, hear my reading, purchase books and shirts, get autographed copies, and take cool Um Land photos!

November 3rd, 11am - 2pm

Burton Barr Central Library
1221 N. Central Ave., 85004
2nd Floor

Um Land Community Event
I will be doing a reading, Q&A, book signing, talking about how I wrote the book, and how people can go to Um Land to deal with their difficult emotions. This will be interactive with lots of questions for the audience. It will just be me so I hope you can attend!

December 8th, 11am

Changing Hands Phoenix
300 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85013

If you don't see an event in your area, please use the button to schedule a book reading with Silas at your library, school, coffee shop, yoga studio, store, or home!